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Grocery Store and Health Food Store

Nature’s is a natural foods grocery store located in Bend, Oregon at the Wagner Mall on 3rd Street.  We have been committed to nourishing our community since 1983 and we have noticed that since then, needs have changed.  It is no longer about wheat germ, carob powder and soy milk. The choices for your alternative diet are endless and sometimes difficult to navigate.  It is our commitment and passion to help you, and offer the largest selection of high-quality products in our grocery and health food store for your lifestyle.

You could call us a modern health food store – health food for a new generation.  But the funny thing is, what’s most modern about Nature’s is really a throwback to a simpler time.  We’re committed to local, natural foods, non-GMO and organic produce.  We are committed to the Bend, Oregon community where we live and work.  We’re passionate about real food – organic produce untouched by pesticides and grown locally from seeds without any extra genetic material, organic dairy and meats from animals that actually live on farms with grass and fresh air (and without antibiotics or rBGH), packaged foods whose ingredient lists you can read even if you don’t have a degree in molecular biology.  And, our fresh, organic juice bar, soup and salad bar is simply amazing.

Like grocery stores and health food stores in years past, Nature’s also carries vitamins and other natural supplements. Today they’re derived from whole-food ingredients, and on our shelves you can find a natural, herbal or homeopathic remedy, or vitamin for whatever ails you.

You’ll find many other natural products on our shelves: organic body care products that are as good for the earth as they are for your skin; affordable organic baby food and baby products; healthy pet products; non-toxic, natural cleaning products; locally grown produce; bulk foods; gluten-free products, specialty food items; raw foods; and much more.

Come in to Nature’s, your Natural Foods Grocery Store.  Find your health all over again, and see how good it feels to get back to the basics.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 541-382-6732 or email us, we look forward to hearing from you!

Nature’s Store Hours:
9 am to 9 pm – Monday through Friday
9 am to 8 pm – Saturday
10 am to 8 pm – Sunday

1900 NE. 3rd ST #104, Bend OR, 97701
(corner of 3rd and Revere, next to Haggen)

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